Elements of Fiction Pretest

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SWBAT read a text and isolate the elements of fiction to complete a story map.

Big Idea

A deep understanding of the elements of fiction increases the overall comprehension of fictional texts.

Starting a New Unit: Pretest

10 minutes

This pretest begins a new unit for my kiddos.  We are going to begin studying the elements of fiction through the lens of Patricia Polacco.  We've just finished units on character and character traits so it will be nice to tie that to the wonderful stories that Patricia Polacco tells.  We also have a writing piece to produce that requires students to write about something that has happened to them.  We will use many picture books throughout this unit to help students become proficient at understanding the elements of fiction.

When the students enter the classroom today, I explain all of this to them and tell them that in order for me to find out what they know and don't know, we need to take a pretest.  I remind them that the pretest doesn't count toward their grade, it's just for me to know how to best teach them. 

This pretest consists of a story map and a story.  I hand out the pretest and allow students all the time they need to complete it.