Line Plots in the Shop

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SWBAT make and use a line plot to display data with unit fractions.

Big Idea

Use what you know about line plots to help these shop owners make their sales.


10 minutes

To introduce line plots, we Create Line Plots using an IXL interactive. This helps students visualize data. Although it does not include fractions on the line plot, it is a good review, and an attention getter.

Guided Practice

20 minutes

We recorded the problem, and then highlighted with pink what we needed to use and then used that information. After determining how much fabric would be used, we subtracted that from the fabric needed. We then continued to practice at the deli/butcher shop together.

Independent Practice

20 minutes

With a partner, students were challenged to analyze the line plot and answer questions about it. As we move further in this unit, students will plot data, and then interpret the data. This was easy for most of my students.


10 minutes

I ask students to write a paragraph to give their opinion about whether or not they believe a line plot would be a good way to represent 100 pieces of data. They must justify their answer with examples to support their opinion. We also use author's chair to share out these opinion paragraphs. As an extension, students can also work on some examples for displays as well.