A Love/Hate Summative Assessment

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SWBAT answer text dependent questions about Love That Dog and Hate That Cat to wrap up the unit.

Big Idea

The end is here and it's time to show what you know!


5 minutes

At the end of my poetry unit, I have to give a district summative, but I wanted to see what my students got out of the two novels we've read throughout the unit. I created this assessment with some of the big ideas from the books and some questions to compare and contrast the novels as well. The kids usually help me make summative activities. They decided that since I let them have the So Much Depends Upon poems as the first part of their grade, that they were fine with answering some text dependent questions. They all felt extremely confident in their ability to answer questions about these books. Students are allowed to use the novels as well. 

Independent Work

45 minutes

Once the kiddos are working, I'll be moving around to monitor the room. Since it's the end of the unit, I want to take a look at some of the Hate That Cat journals as the kids finish up. Here is a sample from my room. 

Just to give you an idea of what I'm thinking for the actual summative, here are some thoughts.