Cat Haters Gonna Hate; Hate That Cat, But I Love That Poetry Day 2

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SWBAT read and annotate a poetic novel to prepare for Socratic Seminar.

Big Idea

Who could hate lovable, cute, furry cats? Let's get to the bottom of this travesty!

Close Read

30 minutes

This is our second day reading in the novel. By then end of this lesson, students will be half way through the book. I've decided to give them 4 days to read and record thoughts. You could also have them take the novel home to read for homework.  

Today you will read pages 26-61 in "Hate That Cat" and record your thoughts in your journal. You will also need to record any pertinent information on your figurative language graphic organizer. There are more words/pages to cover today, so I will give you 30 minutes to read and record  your thoughts.  Be sure to read "The Kitten", "The Eagle", and "Black Cat" which are located in the back of the book. 

In 30 minutes we will prepare for our next mini Socratic seminar. I'd like you to think about the following questions: Why does Jack keep asking if the poets are still alive? What is alliteration? Why doesn't Jack like cats? What do we find out about Jack's mom?

Again, while students are reading, I'll be checking in with students who have difficulty staying on task and a few that struggle with reading. I want to be sure they are reading and recording their thoughts. I also want to see specifically what they're writing. If any students are having difficulty, I may let them focus primarily on recording questions or inferences instead of giving them the larger task of jotting down any thoughts that pop into their minds. 

Socratic Seminar

20 minutes

Now that we have finished reading, we'll break into two mini Socratic seminars to discuss our questions. Inside circle, be sure to refer to the text and your notes while speaking, and outside circle, be sure to use your recording tools to monitor your partner. Each group will have 10 minutes to discuss. 

Once students have completed the seminar, they will team up with their partner to discuss their performance.  I really like this part of seminar because it holds the students accountable for their participation and hits all of the speaking and listening standards for common core. 

Figurative Language Review

15 minutes

This section is just to let the students review the figurative language information they are finding while reading. I don't spend much time on this, but I like to let the kids fill in our class organizer on the SMART Boardto help them move along with this. I got worried that they would forget about the organizer while reading, so I wanted to set aside some time to help keep them on track. 

Today I'm also going to show them this Pow Toon that I made for personification since "Hate That Cat" doesn't include any personification.