Test on Part 2 of The Kite Runner (p.225-370)

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SWBAT show their understanding of character, theme, and plot development and extend their reading by taking a combined format (selected and constructed response) exam.

Big Idea

My students will "show up and show off" on the test, revealing their good work! Hopefully!

Introduction to the Test

Assessments Now.  I feel that I have put a lot more energy into my exams in the past few years and I have begun to hone the learning targets in my classroom a lot more.  This test (part 2 kite runner test) covers the mid-section of the novel, one that could possibly sag in terms of student interest, but I feel blessed and fortunate to feel that the students did hang with me in this section of reading--very much so--as I reviewed their quizzes, metacognitive writings, and interview notes (during SSR).  

[**NOTE: I cobbled the M/C questions together from some of my own ideas and some online sources available.  Sadly, I did not keep track of this and would like to give you credit; if you see one of your questions in the test, please let me know!]

And Remediation.  What I am curious about, though, is if they can assimilate a large section of the book and comment on it by means of a formal test.  I am also asking several constructed response questions that are higher-order questions that call for them to connect back to past content (RL.9-10.3; RL.9-10.2), several months prior in some cases.  We did review the content, but I am greedy for data that EACH and every student has these insights mastered.  I will keep  track of student results and take the time to circle back and re-teach challenging concepts to students who may need the extra help.  This test is meant to be a summative grade, meaning that the learning should be more or less final, but the fact is that we are only 2/3 finished with the book, so I want to make sure that the students get the extra remediation and help, as needed. 

Students take the test!

40 minutes

Not much to say here other than I do take the time to observe which test items and short answer sections (W.9-10.2;10) seem to be taking longer or giving students more than their fair share of trouble. 


Wrap Up: Class Discussion and Progress

10 minutes

I am interested in the students becoming more metacognitive test takers, so I will ask them a few questions that relate to the standards that we are learned about.

1.) How well did you do?  How did your choice of studying modes match what you needed to do? 

2.) What new insights about the text (RL.9-10.1), ideas (RL.9-10.2), characters (RL.9-10.3), and cultures (RL.9-10.6) did you have?  Why are books like this one important?

3.) In this middle section of the novel, what helped you the most to stay up to date in your reading?