Grammar Usage Unit Test

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SWBAT synthesize information on grammar usage to complete a unit test.

Big Idea

Students complete a unit test on grammar usage.


1 minutes


4 minutes

I open this lesson by informing my students that today is the culmination of our grammar usage unit.  I display the attached Powerpoint slide resource and ask if they have any questions about any of the topics covered in this grammar usage unit.  I let them know that we will be taking an assessment today and I answer any questions they have.  I emphasize to them that the information they learned in our grammar usage unit should be used not only when they write, but when they speak, as well.

Unit Test

55 minutes

For the unit test on grammar usage, I used the grammar usage assessment in the Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics (G.U.M.) workbook by Zaner-Bloser.  I like this assessment because it is in standardized test format.  Prior to giving the test, I reviewed a few test-taking strategies with my scholars (i.e., reading the question carefully, eliminating two answers they know are incorrect, and underlining key words).