Grammar Usage Unit Review

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SWBAT complete a unit review on grammar usage.

Big Idea

Students complete a unit review on grammar usage.


1 minutes


24 minutes

This concludes our unit on grammar usage.  Because we had covered so many lesson topics, I wanted to do a quick review with my students to refresh their memories.  To just do a brief recap of what we learned, they also told me what they learned about each of the lesson topics (see attached Powerpoint resource):

  • Your and You're
  • Their, There, They're
  • Its and It's
  • Forms of Be
  • Good and Well
  • Doesn't and Don't
  • Articles
  • Whose and Who's
  • Two, Too, To
  • Throw and Catch

Unit Review - Partner Work

30 minutes

I also had my students to complete the Unit 3 Review in the Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics (GUM) workbook by Zaner-Bloser and review their answers with a partner.


5 minutes

To close the lesson, I answered any questions students had and I had students to complete a reflective quick write. They reflected upon and wrote about what they learned about grammar usage, with what did they struggle, and what will they do differently based on the information they learned.