Happy Birthday President Lincoln

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SWBAT collaborate and create a presentation about a part of Abraham Lincoln's life.

Big Idea

Using the iPads. students will use a website to gather facts related to a specific time in Lincoln's life. Students will work and create a PicCollage to present to their peers.

Searching the Net

5 minutes

In a previous lesson we practiced searching the internet for facts on a person. Students then kept some notes on the facts gathered and on traits. They are going to expand on that learning while working in collaborative groups. 

To start, i ask if any students can tell me what day it is and if they know what happened in history on this day. Sometimes I have a student that knows it is Lincoln's birthday, but not this time. I go ahead and tell them. I ask them to talk with their elbow partner about Lincoln and any prior knowledge they have for him. 

As they discuss this with each other, I hand out iPads. Once everyone has an iPad we are going to practice finding a good source on the internet. We do this as a class. I model how I search and how  to read the little synopsis of a website under each link. I ask the class to type in a specific search in their search bar. I want us to all get the same search results so it is important for them type in the same key words.

Once we have a list of search results. We practice finding a good source. We read the synopsis, and then pull up the site if it looks good. We then discuss what we think  of the information presented. When we find a good one, I explain that we will use this one for our activity. 

Collaborating and Research

15 minutes

With a good site chosen, I go ahead and create groups of four. There are enough sections, on the site, for each group to take a section. I will assign a section to a group. They will have one group member read the section, and the others will take notes. They will have to discuss the main ideas from their notes that they will want to present to the class. 

Presenting Collages

15 minutes

Once the groups have collected their notes on their sections, they will need to use the app PicCollage to create a Lincoln collage. The group will create one collage and it will need to include the most important facts they found. To be a good collage, I tell them to add good pictures that support their facts and reflect Lincoln.