U.S. Presidents Web Quest

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SWBAT research facts and trivia about U.S. Presidents.

Big Idea

Students learn facts and trivia about U.S. Presidents


1 minutes


14 minutes

I begin this lesson by explaining to my scholars that U.S. President is the highest political office in America.  I review with them the qualifications of U.S. President are to be a natural born U.S. citizen, at least 35 years of age, have been a resident of the U.S.A. for at least fourteen years.  I explain to them that there are term limits for U.S. President.  No one person may be elected to the office of President more than twice. I tell them we celebrate President's Day in the month of February.  Next, we watch a short Brainpop video to explain exactly what the President does.  Click here to watch the Presidential Power Brainpop video and take the quiz to check for understanding.


40 minutes

I explain to students that today they will work work with a partner to complete a web quest on U.S. Presidents.  During the web quest, they will learn about the appearance, stature, heritage, health, leadership, age, career, and more of U.S. Presidents.  I tell them that even though the office of President is the highest political office in the U.S.A., it is still attainable for citizens.  (See the attached web quest.)


5 minutes

To close the lesson, I ask students to complete a quick write to explain what they would do if they were U.S. President and the Vice President resigned from office (see attached Powerpoint slide).  I tell them that whatever part of the web quest they did not get a chance to complete, they are to complete it for homework because we will be playing a Jeopardy-inspired game on tomorrow to test their knowledge of U.S. Presidents.  The questions and answers will come directly from the web quest.  Click here to go to the U.S. Presidents game lesson.