Connecting to the Self and the Text

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SWBAT: connect our novel to both an nonfiction text and their own lives.

Big Idea

Unfortunately, most of my students have encountered a bully. This article addresses when students go too far by bullying an adult.

Guiding Question

5 minutes

The Guiding Question asked that students are making connections between their own lives and The Fourth Stall. We haven't really spent time making these personal connections because I've been so busy with claims and evidence. I think that when a student connects a text to something personal that it lasts longer--it kinda sticks with 'em. Here are some of my students and their connections:



45 minutes

I'm always looking for more ways to sneak in nonfiction pieces, especially into units where we are reading a novel and concepts are centered heavily around that novel. In the past, I've created texts sets and it's something I'm currently working toward with this unit.

For this lesson, the students were given an article about kids who bullied their bus driver. There are some bullies in The Fourth Stall, the novel we are reading, so that it an obvious text-to-text connection they can make. I wanted them to begin making text-to-self, and text-to-text connections as they read, so I added that chart at the bottom of the bullying article.

Wrap Up

5 minutes

I always use reflection stems to spur reflections. I really liked this reflection from a student!