The Meter: Assessing the Skill and Conversions Part 1.

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SWBAT demonstrate an understanding of metric measurement and converting between units.

Big Idea

Students take a quiz that has them measure, convert larger units to smaller units using a two column chart and then write about patterns they recognized in the conversion process.

Warm Up: Checking Understanding of the Numberline Ap

10 minutes

My students have been using Number Line ap to sharpen their skills on ordering fractions, percentages and decimals. I wanted to check today to see if they understood percentages and decimal relationships.

I wrote 1/4, .4, 40 % and .40 on the board and asked them to order them in their math notebook from least to greatest.

After they finished, I asked for volunteers to order them on the board one by one. The first student placed the 1/4 first. I made no remarks during this process.  The next student ordered .4 next, and then the next student put .40 after that. I asked the students where they thought the 40 % belonged. They all agreed it was the largest of the numbers.

This little exercise revealed a lot to me because I could see that they didn't understand the relationships of the last three numbers.

We quickly discussed the meaning of 1/4 and what it meant in terms of percentages. I referred back to my magnetic fraction pieces and showed them that 1/2 was 50 %. One student explained that since that was true, then that meant that 1/4 was 25%. And another student referred it back to money.

I then got out the tenth pieces and showed them .4 in fraction form, placing them on top of the 1 whole piece. I told them that this was 4 tenths. I explained that if it were cut into 100s, that there would be 40 hundredths. I asked them to tell me which decimal represented 40 hundredths. They picked the right one!

I continued to explain that 40% equals 40 hundredths and that it was just another way of writing it conveying a portion of the whole differently.

I didn't spend too much more time on it, but hoped that it will help them continue to order decimals and fractions on the ap more easily. And, it gave them a taste of what is to come in the near future.

Taking the Quiz

20 minutes

Module D Quiz 1 Metric Unit

The rationale behind the quiz:

I wrote this part of the quiz to assess the portion of the standard that expects students to convert units from larger to smaller and list them on a two column chart. They can use their ruler as a number line to compare, the stair step method or an equation showing the powers of 10.

The second portion of the quiz will be given only after the first portion is mastered. This quiz assesses real world application, accuracy and using tools correctly as expected by Math Practice Standards 4,5 and 6. It also assesses their understanding of the relative size and using their skill at choosing the relative unit to measure with.

I began by explaining both quizzes and how I expected them to show mastery before they worked on the next quiz tomorrow. They began their first portion after questions were answered and we talked about the expectations of both. They were excited about the project part of the quiz and were anxious to master the first part.

When students were done, they showed me their quiz and I assessed if they had mastered it. It is an easy quiz to quickly assess where students are at in their mastery of this portion of the standard.

We would all be ready for the second portion tomorrow.