Quotes in Motion....Animating Dr. Seuss

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SWBAT use Power Point to create a slide complete with three animated sections.

Big Idea

Being able to manipulate technology to present information is a skill necessary for life beyond 4th grade.

Preparing the Slides

10 minutes

When the students enter the room today, they find stacks of Dr. Suess books out on each table and the computers ready to go.  Before I let them begin, I model making the slide one more time- especially the animation and where each part goes.  I am sure to leave my slide as the first one in the sorter for them to refer to.  I also remind students that the step by step directions are at each computer if they get stuck.

I then task the students who are not at the computers.  Their job is to read the Dr. Seuss books I've laid out.  I want them to find two favorites and write about them- preferably a compare and contrast paragraph.  Giving students not working on computers a task is essential to maintaining classroom management and allowing you to monitor and assist the pairs who are working on the computers.  

I hand out the graphic organizers in the order the students gave them to me yesterday and let the first three pairs begin.    


The Final Product......

40 minutes

As pairs finish their slides, I show them how to watch the animation so they make sure it looks exactly as they had planned and then I dismiss them to the other task and call the next pair back to the computers.  This process continues until all eleven pairs have finished their slides. When I dismissed the last group to read the books, I put all the slides together and show the students the final animation.  They are amazed and so impressed with the final product.