I'd Jump at the Chance to Volunteer: Students Present Service Learning Projects

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SWBAT persuade their peers to take action by presenting information in a logical sequence and pitching the advantages of volunteering.

Big Idea

Students pitch their service learning organizations to recruit new volunteers.

Let's Get Started: Directions for Presentations

15 minutes

Today students will present their service learning projects. This class will have two parts. First students will give a two minute pitch for their community service presentation.  In the directions, I explain it is their job to recruit volunteers for their organization.  Each person pitch while the other person is the audience.  Then they switch. After they have finished, they write an evaluation and rank the speaking skills and the visual aid of the presenter on a 1 to 5 scale.  They also have to write down what they learned so they can use that information in their final project reflection. 

Applying Knowledge: Pitching Your Organization

60 minutes

Ok, it is time to pitch.  If students volunteer together, they can present together, but teach individual has to speak. I give them five minutes before we start to organize what they want to say in their presentation.  They have already created visual aids at home (posters advertising the place where they volunteered) with most of the information needed for the pitch on it (SL 9-10 4).  I circulate the room listening to one person at a time. Students are presenting in pairs or small groups.  One person pitches, the other listens and evaluates their presentation (SL.9-10.3). Then they switch roles. When I call time, they move onto a new person.  There are two reasons why I have them pitch in pairs.  First, all 34 students can present in one day.   Second, it is difficult to convince students to practice presentations. By repeating their presentation several times they can see how repetition leads to improvement in the content and their ability to use language to persuade an audience (SL 9-10. 6).

I keep the timer on my phone. I actually have it set for 1 minute 45 seconds to allow for filling out the evaluation and transitions.  Two minutes is really a long time to speak. 

Once everyone gets going it is is really hard to hear.  Also timewise it is impossible for everyone to hear everyone's presentation. The goal is to hear as many people as possible in the time allowed for presentations.  

Wrap Up: What I learned about my Community

15 minutes

The final activity is to complete the community service reflection.  I really want them to review what they wrote on their evaluations and write thoughtful responses on their reflection.  I give them 15 minutes to really think about what they are writing (W 9-10. 4).  

Just in case everyone finishes and there is a lot of time left in class, I have picked a few of the presentations I thought were particular good.  I will ask those students to give their presentation to the entire class. Then I can give some feedback on why their presentation is successful.  I want to end on a positive note.