Midterm Exam

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SWBAT show their understanding of previous topics.

Big Idea

Students take a midterm exam.


10 minutes

Many students do not understand or know how to study for a math exam.  They believe that the best way to study is to read through their notes, rather than work on problems similar to past problems.

To give students additional practice problems on the midterm topics, I will give them a 6th Grade Math Midterm Review Sheet prior to the exam.  I will explain to students that, first, they should work on the review sheet without using their notes.  If there are problems that they uncertain of, they should use their notes to help them.

Administering the Exam

80 minutes

Students should be given about 60  to 80 minutes to complete the 6th grade midterm.  Although the exam is multiple choice, students should be given scrap paper on which to perform any math work.