Dystopian Novels: Book Club Four Preparation

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SWBAT draw evidence from literary text to support analysis and reflection by completing individual tasks to prepare for group discussions.

Big Idea

Gearing up for our final opportunity to let our analysis/work shine in book club discussions.


10 minutes

SSR will actually be blended into history a little today. Students will be taking their WWI exam and we will invite them to read whenever they are finished with their test.

As today is a Wednesday and has super short periods, we will make sure that students have a full 30 minute period for the test plus ten minutes of reading/finish up the test time at the beginning of the second half of our block. 

Book Club Preparations

18 minutes

Unlike the past few preparation times, I am going to ask students to work individually and silently on their preparations today. Since it is one of our short Wednesday class period, students will not have a great deal of time, but hopefully it will be enough for them to get started. 

I will remind them that they need to be preparing for their discussions on Friday by gathering textual support for their analysis and reflections (W.9-10.9) and will also remind them that this is their last chance to wow me and/or their group members with their completed role work, which will be added to their folders on Friday. These folders are student created and have been used as group portfolios throughout their book club discussions. More information about how the groups created them can be found here

As always, the roles are as follows: 

  • Team Leader: Guides discussions by creating prompting questions based on three significant quotes/passages from assigned reading (SL.9-10.1c). 
  • Allusionator: Find three quotes/passages that represent allusions to history, art, literature, etc and provides analysis for each. (L.9-10.5)
  • Style Monster: Finds three quotes/passages that represent stylistic elements (plot structure, figurative language, etc.) and analyzes how these choices impact the book. (RL.9-10.4 and L.9-10.3)
  • Character Stalker: Finds three quotes/passages that represent character development and analyzes how characters interact with each other and with the plot (RL.9-10.3).
  • Minister of Propaganda: Finds three quotes/passages that represent the mind-control/rhetorical strategies employed within the novel and creates an artistic representation of their analysis. (RI.9-10.6)

Wrap Up and Next Steps

2 minutes

I will end class today with a few reminders about due dates and specifically talking about the importance of contributing to the group portfolio. After the break, students will work together to determine which products go into the final portfolio. No student is guaranteed a spot because I want the best examples of each role represented. Some students are going to have to really step up their game to make sure their portfolios are quality. 

Additionally, I will highlight the importance of using our own words when writing in the blogs. A student from a different core class was caught copying ideas from schmoop.com. He was called out by the #bigbrother teachers and I want to make sure students know that there are many eyes on their writing and encourage them to think for themselves (W.9-10.8).