Dystopian Novels: Book Club Meeting Three

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SWBAT demonstrate their preparedness for collaborative discussion by sharing their research, reading and analysis with their book club groups.

Big Idea

More than halfway through our books and analysis. Time to really dig into why the authors are doing what they are doing!

Book Club Meeting

25 minutes

We are well into our book club discussions and only have two meetings left. Today's book club will follow a similar flow/pattern to our previous two as students work together to complete the following: 

  • Team Leaders will lead discussion using their questions and make sure that all other students have a chance to present their research/role information (SL.9-10.1 and SL.9-10.1a).
  • As a group, students will work on gathering quotes/evidence for their dystopian elements note-catcher focusing specifically on anything that has to do with government or structure (RL.9-10.2). 
  • As a group, students will make sure that all required materials are in the group folder to be graded. 

I am a little concerned about the depth of thinking and conversation that has been happening during these discussions, so I will once again wander the room to monitor what is going on. I will ask questions, try to push thinking with specific ideas from the sections they are supposed to have read by now and generally try to keep the crowd controlled. 

Blog Post Work Time

25 minutes

Once each group has had a chance to discuss/share their roles and ideas from the section of reading that was due today, I will ask students to return to their assigned seats. On the way, I will ask them to grab a Chromebook computer. 

Once everyone has a computer and has had a chance to log into www.schoology.com, I will invite students to use the remainder of our time to read, write and respond to blog posts (W.9-10.6). At this point, they should be creating their third original post and should have responded to at least two of their peers' posts. For an overview of the blogging lessons, please see my initial lesson here

I have had a few students see me outside of class to ask about certain ideas and for technical help, so I will make myself available to help students with both content and procedural issues. If time allows, I will also log in and make comments with and to the students. 

Wrap Up and Next Steps

5 minutes

I will save the last few minutes of class to gather all the computers and make sure that we have both Chromebook carts filled and ready to take back to the library. I will remind students that they have until midnight tomorrow night to wrap up their third blog posts before I go hunting for them to be graded.