Dystopian Novels: Book Club Two Preparation

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SWBAT draw evidence from literary text to support analysis and reflection by completing individual tasks to prepare for group discussions.

Big Idea

Today we will engage in our second day of book club preparations so that students can establish a rhythm for their reading and analysis for this unit.


10 minutes

We'll start class with ten minutes of reading time. I will read with my students during this time. 

Book Club Discussion Preparations

18 minutes

As a person who likes multiples of five, this 18 minute time chunk stresses me out a little. But I digress...

I will have to limit my students' work time today for two reasons. First, we are on our shortened schedule for Wednesdays, so we only have 30 minute class periods. Second, I have to talk with my students about their blogging assignment, so I will have to make sure there is time left at the end of class for that reason. 

Other than this, I will be pretty open with how this work time is used. This is the second day of work time for our book club activities.  I will remind students that they have requirements  for their roles that need to be accomplished by Friday's discussion time. Similar to our work time on Monday, each student will be independently working towards mastery of a unique standard while all working to draw evidence to support their analysis and reflections on the novel (W.9-10.9). By fulfilling each role at least once, they will have a chance to meet all the of the following standards at least once: 

  • Team Leader: Guides discussions by creating prompting questions based on three significant quotes/passages from assigned reading (SL.9-10.1c). 
  • Allusionator: Find three quotes/passages that represent allusions to history, art, literature, etc and provides analysis for each. (L.9-10.5)
  • Style Monster: Finds three quotes/passages that represent stylistic elements (plot structure, figurative language, etc.) and analyzes how these choices impact the book. (RL.9-10.4 and L.9-10.3)
  • Character Stalker: Finds three quotes/passages that represent character development and analyzes how characters interact with each other and with the plot (RL.9-10.3).
  • Minister of Propaganda: Finds three quotes/passages that represent the mind-control/rhetorical strategies employed within the novel and creates an artistic representation of their analysis. (RI.9-10.6)

Blog Requirements Review

2 minutes

To wrap up today's lesson, I will actually be handing out a more formal requirement sheet for the blog writing portion of our work. After seeing some of the initial posts, it is apparent that the students need a little more guidance to ensure consistency and quality of these blog posts. 

Basically, students will be required to keep their responses based in textual support and specificity.