Eliminating Multiple Choice Answers

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SWBAT eliminate answers in multiple choice questions using logic and inference skills.

Big Idea

Oh NO! What is the answer!

Multi-Flow Map Analysis

15 minutes

Yesterday, students read a non-fiction passage about Cyber-bullying and completed a Reading Strategy Practice Worksheet.  Today I introduced an analysis technique for students to use if they are not sure of an answer with a multiple choice question (which were located in the "Answer the following questions.. of the Practice Worksheet).  They used the worksheet questions to practice this technique.  I modeled the technique using "The Titanic" passage that students had previously read and already knew the correct answers.

 I had students use a partial multi-flow map – using the center block and the right – hand side blocks.  The center block is used for the correct answer and reason; the right hand side blocks are used to indicate the incorrect answers and the reason.

 Sample Question taken from “The Titanic” reading passage:  

Irony is when an event occurs that is the opposite of what is expected.  Which statement from the passage is ironic, considering the tragedy that occurred?

  1.  The Titanic was part of history.
  2. They could not turn the huge vessel…
  3. She was deemed unsinkable;
  4. He kept his find a secret…


Students reviewed each answer and decided -  is it correct or not and the reason.  If it is not, it is entered on the right side including the reason.  If it could be the correct answer, it is entered on the left side with the answer.  If it seems that two could be the answer, students must evaluate which reason makes one the better answer.


Model Elimination Map is listed in the resources.

Small Group Practice

20 minutes

In small groups, students checked their answers from the previous day’s reading.  If they disagreed, they determined the correct answers by reviewing and discussing their elimination strategy maps.

Whole Class Discussion

10 minutes

After groups have determined their answers, students shared answers with the whole class.  Groups explained their answers and recorded the process on the board.