Analyzing Character Traits

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Students will be able to analyze a character's direct and indirect traits on plot by making a poster with character quotes, illustration, and an analytical paragraph.

Big Idea

Characters come to life through analytical posters.

Daily Grammar

15 minutes

 Today was Friday, which means it's test day.   Out of my 110 students, only five students did not get 70% or higher.  The things that students struggled with the most was the adverb (suddenly), the comma after the introductory phrase (when I inquired further,), and changing both a to an both times (a familiar and a alarm clock).

Creating Character Posters

30 minutes

Yesterday, students worked in pairs to analyze a character's impact on the plot.  They isolated specific lines of dialogue to determine direct and indirect character traits to see why they were scapegoated (or managed to avoid being scapegoated) to progress the plot.

Today, they're working independently on a poster for that character.  They're creating an illustration to show the character, they'll choose the quotes that best show that character's personality, and write a paragraph that explains how that character's traits impacted the plot.   

Three samples of students' finished posters are include in the resources for this section.

Lesson Resources

Today's lesson picture is a picture of Don Martin from one of my students' posters.