Unit Review Game: Pictionary

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SWBAT review the important concepts of this unit.

Big Idea

Pictionary review game will help students review for our exam!

Check Review

25 minutes

I start class by giving the answers to our exam review. I encourage students to fill out the chart (inspired by Amelia Jamison's review lesson) so that they can really pinpoint what concepts they know well and what concepts they need to study. In my experience students will do practice problems for concepts they already know to study for an exam, when they should focus on concepts they are unsure about. This is a great way to get students honed in on how to prepare for the exam.

Next we go over questions from the review. I will have a student bring their work to the document camera to share with the class. This helps to move along a lot faster so we don't have to get bogged down by going over every single calculation. Ninety percent of the time students will be able to look at the work and know what they did wrong. 


25 minutes

The review game that we are playing today is Pictionary!

My students have a good time with the game and it is nice to have the 60 seconds of fun between each review question. In the video below I explain the process of how the game works (If the video does not appear, click the Read More at right).

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