Analysis Essay: Editing, Publishing, and Portfolios

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SWBAT demonstrate command of English conventions by editing an essay.

Big Idea

Make your final draft your best draft!

Word Roots Warm-Up

10 minutes

Today, we work through five more examples of our word roots in action.  Again it is important that students copy the entire definition of the word so that they can use them to study.


10 minutes

To begin today's lesson, I hand out an Editing Checklist to every student.  As a group, we go over the instructions and all of the items on the list.  I remind them that it is so important that they read the paper aloud.  It will help catch mistakes.  Of course, there are those who take that to mean they should orate the paper from the mountaintops.  I also remind students that a whisper constitutes "aloud" when doing this part of the assignment.


Getting Down to Business

25 minutes

Using the Editing Checklists, students look for errors on their own papers and on a peer's paper as well.  This part of class can get a bit noisy, but that's okay.  I circulate while they are working to answer the inevitable questions that arise.

Once they are satisfied that their papers are error free, they fix any mistakes on the computer and print off a final draft.

Did They Get It?

10 minutes

Once students have a final draft, I ask them to assemble their portfolios in the following order (bottom to top):


  • Poem
  • Seven-Step Analysis
  • Planning Sheet
  • Evaluation of a classmate's paper
  • Revision Reflection
  • Edited Draft
  • Final Draft


These papers can be neatly stapled, though they do like quite daunting when they're all stacked up for you to grade!

Now their work is done and ours begins!