Quotes in Motion: Interpreting Dr. Seuss

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SWBAT infer the meaning of a famous Dr. Seuss quote.

Big Idea

Students must be able to use inferencing skills to increase comprehension of all texts.


10 minutes

Today is the start of the second half of our Dr. Seuss celebration.  It is difficult to make Dr. Seuss exciting for the intermediate student so I had to think long and hard of how to ramp up the interest level for this lesson.  I decided to have the students animate a power point slide after they'd inferred the meaning of a Dr. Seuss quote.  

When the students arrive, they are given a list of famous Dr. Seuss quotes.  You can find the quotes here.  We read through them, but don't discuss their meanings.  I tell students that they will be working with a partner to choose a quote, infer its meaning and prepare a Power Point slide to animate it.  I show them an example (found in the resource section).  I didn't show them the animation yet, I wanted to save that for when we actually begin working on the slides.  They were excited enough about just using the computer.





20 minutes

For partnering, I use my normal method- make eye contact with the person you want to be partner.  Once that is done, I have students point to their partner and then walk in a straight line to their partner.  Anyone not partnered comes to me where they usually partner up with each other or decide to work alone.  Depending on the kiddo (especially if it's an ELL student or someone that never gets chosen, I let them choose any duo and make it a trio).

I then hand out the graphic organizer and have students begin working.  The graphic organizer doesn't really take too long for them to finish so when they finish, I have pairs of students bring me their graphic organizers and then I show them the magic of animation!!

A note here:  One thing I found helpful was to keep a set of step by step directions by each computer.  I am not including these in the resource section because each version of Power Point is different and the directions should reflect the version your students are using.  I did find, though, that just a few pairs actually used the directions.


15 minutes

After I collect all the graphic organizers, I pull up a blank Power Point slide- the one with content and caption (it has three sections) and I begin to go through the step by step instructions that I made for them.  

The Dr. Seuss quote they chose goes in the top box.  Their interpretation of the quote along with their names goes in the bottom box and the picture they chose goes in the bigger box on the right.  I let the students help me choose the picture and then I show them how to animate each section.  I go through all the animations to show them the possibilities.  The kids were mesmerized!!

That is all the time we have for today, but the students leave with a smile on their faces and excitement in their hearts ready to animate their own slides tomorrow.