What Color Are You Today? Making the Book

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SWBAT create a piece of writing with similes and metaphors comparing their feelings to animals and colors.

Big Idea

Being able to create comparisons represents higher level thinking skills.

Folding the Book

10 minutes

Today when the students enter the room, they know it's time to create their book.  They each find a piece of paper that is 11x17- the large size copy paper along with their graphic organizer from yesterday .  Foldables have become old hat in our class, but this one is a cool one and the kids are excited to transfer all their thinking over to the book they're going to create.


As is our routine, I show them a finished book first and then fold the book with them step by step.  I am always sure to have a few  on hand for those kiddos who just can't manage the folds.  I usually use the ones I make while I'm practicing myself.  


You can find a copy of the directions in the resource section or in the video I made in my classroom while we folded the book.

Time to Work

40 minutes

After we fold the book, it is time for the students to transfer their information from graphic organizer to their book.  I show the students the cover and tell them that they have to come up with a title and be sure to include the author's name (theirs!) and then I show them how the pages work and where to write their comparisons.  

The rest of the time is theirs and because it's already thought out, it doesn't take too long.  They just need to copy it in and provide a color illustration for each page.

I spend the time working with a small group of students who still are struggling to put their feelings into words.


Wrap Up and Share

15 minutes

Because we're going to share these books with our buddy class, I want each student to practice reading their book.  I have students turn to their face partners and each takes a turn reading their book from beginning to end.  The last thing I want is to go read to kindergartners and my kiddos not be able to read their books!!  

After we read to our buddy class, these beauties are going out on the bulletin board for the contest and I hope we win!!