Students Join The Debate Around Book Banning

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SWBAT develop a soundly-supported paragraph that defends their stance on the practice of book banning.

Big Idea

"We need to be really bothered once in a while" (Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451)

Vocabulary Fourteen Review

40 minutes

It's Friday, and so time to review the week's vocabulary words.  This set of ten includes words from the articles on book banning that my students have analyzed throughout the week, including:

As has become customary at this point in the year, my students are given a choice from five options in determining their vocabulary homework, which is presented on the final slide of the powerpoint.

Adding Your Voice

30 minutes

The rest of class brings our week of exploring the practice of book banning to a close by allowing my students to develop a paragraph that states their stance on the issue, provides a reason, and sufficiently supports that reason through examples and explanations.  I have decided to require just a paragraph at this point, for reasons stated here.  In addition, I am requiring that my students develop a second paragraph, unrelated to the first in nature, that analyzes the strategies, argumentative and otherwise, that they have used in their first paragraph.

In order to assist my students with their paragraph development, I have them copy down a small set of instructions, much in the same spirit of the essay template I provided them in this lesson. Providing my students with step-by-step instructions for paragraph development has proven to produce much better writing from them, and I believe it is fundamental that they have certain structures to fall back on as they progress through their ELA development in the coming high-school years.

My students should be able to get started on their paragraphs in class, where I will be able to assist any who need help getting their ideas off the ground.  Unfinished paragraphs will be completed for homework.