Area "Quest"

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Students will be able to solve non-routine area problems.

Big Idea

On this unit assessment, students will demonstrate their understanding of area on problems of varying difficulty.

Individual Assessment

60 minutes

In this individual assessment, students see a variety of area problems that target different kinds and levels of thinking. 

  • Problems #1-5 and #7 are foundational problems that require students to solve basic area problems
  • Problems #6 and #8 require students to think more critically, applying different strategies (like proportional reasoning) to solve.  
  • Problem #9 requires students to critique someone else’s reasoning
  • Problem #10 is a context application problem similar to the Grazing Goat problem students saw earlier in the unit (MP3, MP1).  
  • Problem #11 gives students the opportunity to discover something new—the fact that connecting the midpoints of any convex quadrilateral creates a quadrilateral whose area is half of the original figure’s area.

Homework: Previewing Volume

10 minutes

Similar to how this unit has gone so far, I want to make sure I have opportunities to formatively assess my students’ understanding.  I give the volume notetaker as homework so students can preview volume ideas on their own and explain their thinking in their own words, which will give me a lens into their thinking and understanding.