Tarzan: Live Performances

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SWBAT perform their versions of "Tarzan" which they have written scripts for.

Big Idea

The students have written scripts for their version of "Tarzan" in small groups. They will get to perform their plays for the class.


Group Script Practice

30 minutes

In the previous lesson, the students worked in groups to create a script for their own versions of Tarzan which they will perform for the class today.  The groups all needed more time to finish up.  I promised them more time at the beginning of this lesson to finish writing their scripts and practice.  I have alotted thirty minutes for the students to use to be ready for their performances.  I will help any group that needs help during that time and try to keep the groups on task and focused.  

Student Actors - Live Performances

60 minutes

This lesson is at the request of the students in my class.  They wanted the opportunity of creating their own versions of Tarzan that they could then perform for the rest of the class. 

In the previous lesson, the kids created their own scripts in small groups.  Each person in the group has a part.  Today we will get to enjoy watching what the groups have come up with.  

After each performance, we will talk about similarities and differences between the versions of "Tarzan" we have studied during this unit.