Tarzan: Creating a Script

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SWBAT apply what they have learned during our unit on "Tarzan" by composing their own scripts of the story in small groups.

Big Idea

Our students apply what they have learned about the story of "Tarzan" in our previous lessons by composing their own versions of "Tarzan" while working in small groups.


Shared Writing

10 minutes

To begin this lesson, I will have a few students volunteer to read their opinion five paragraph essays they wrote in the previous lesson.  This will give us a great start and remind us of why we liked certain aspects of the different Tarzan stories we have worked with in this unit.  The students will be creating scripts for their own version of Tarzan in this lesson so this will be helpful to think about as they compose their scripts.

Small Groups - Creation of Scripts

60 minutes

This lesson was actually at the request of the students.  I love to let the students have some say in what we do in class.  Although we can't do everything they suggest, when it adds to the learning and what we are doing, I try to grant requests when possible.  The request this time was that I allow the students to create their own versions of Tarzan and let them act it out for the class.  

For this lesson, the students will work together in small groups to create a short script for their versions of Tarzan.  We will use the Group Leaders roles that I have included in the resources to ensure that everyone within the group has a job to keep them engaged.  The students will get to decide which characters will be in their plays and which students will play which characters. I will then have them write lines for each of the characters in their play using the Tarzan Script Checklist as a guide.  This checklist is included in the resources.

In our next lesson, the students will have the opportunity of performing their versions of Tarzan to the rest of the class.