Proofs about Parallelogram Assessment Review

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SWBAT describe and prove the properties of parallelograms.

Big Idea

This is a one-day review for the summative assessment for this unit. Students will identify and describe properties of parallelograms and apply the properties to answer questions involving parallelograms.

Do Now

4 minutes

For the Do Now, I have the students write symbols and notations for objects in words. Students identify the congruent, perpendicular, and parallel symbols. They are also shown the notation for a segment, line and ray and the notation for a triangle, angle, and the measure of an angle. It is important that students are able to identify these objects (MP6). However, they often have difficulty differentiating between them.

This Do Now provides a quick assessment of students' knowledge. We briefly go over the symbols and review definitions. If necessary, I have students write down the definitions in their notebooks to reinforce understanding.


4 minutes

In the Mini-Lesson, we briefly review the labeling conventions for identifying lines as parallel or congruent and identifying angles as congruent or right. I draw a rectangle on the board and call students to the board to label the objects. 


32 minutes

In the activity, students are place into heterogenous groups of four. Each group member is assigned a different shape from the activity sheet. On the sheet is a chart with four quadrilaterals. Students write the most specific name of the shape, list its properties and answer the question in the third column of the chart (G.CO.11). Some students choose to abbreviate the properties by using symbols instead of words, as reviewed in the Do Now.

After about 8 minutes, students take turns presenting their shape to the other members of their group. While the student is presenting, the other students in the group take notes on their sheets. Each student has approximately 5 minutes to present their shape. At the end of the activity, each student in the group should have completed an entire sheet, which can be used to help study for the assessment.


5 minutes

At the end of the lesson we go over the questions in the third column of the activity sheet. Any student in the class should be able to answer the question regardless of whether they were assigned the question initially. We go over the answers to ensure the responses are correct. 

Students can also take this time to ask any questions they may have about content on the assessment.