Tarzan: The Movie

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SWBAT critique the movie "Tarzan" as they take notes in order to compare and contrast this version of the story with the storybook and drama versions of the story.

Big Idea

Students will critique the movie "Tarzan!" They will take notes as we view the movie in order to compare and contrast this movie version with the book and play versions of the story in our upcoming lessons.


Tarzan the Movie

90 minutes

During our Tarzan unit, students will compare and contrast three different forms of the story "Tarzan."  In CCSS RL4.7 it asks students to make connections between the text of a story or drama and a visual or oral presentation of the text, identifying where each version reflects specific descriptions and directions in the text.  We were able to take a field trip to our local high school and watch the musical play version put on by the high school students.  After viewing the play, I thought this would be a wonderful opportunity for the students to not only look at the drama version of "Tarzan" vs. the text version, but a visual presentation as well.  Students will not always have the opportunity to view all three versions, but are lucky enough this year that we can.  We have now read a children's version of the book "Tarzan."  In this lesson, we will be watching the movie version of "Tarzan."  In future lessons, we will be comparing and contrasting all three versions of Tarzan.

The students in my class earned a "party" for good behavior.  I put points on the board every time I think the students are all on task and working well.  When they reach 20 points, we have a party.  I always try to make our "parties" educational without the students realizing that it is.  So for our movie, I brought the students popcorn and they were able to relax on the floor and enjoy the show.  I did preface the movie by asking the students to be looking for similarities and differences between the book, the movie, and the play.  I also asked the students to take good notes while watching, being mindful of similarities and differences between the other versions of "Tarzan" we have studied.

Arnold, B. (Producer), Buck, C. (Director) & Lima, K. (Director). (1999). Tarzan [Motion picture]. USA: Walt Disney Feature Animation.

Class Discussion

10 minutes

After the students have viewed the movie and taken notes, we will come together for a class discussion on what the students thought about the movie.  We will hit on similarities and differences between the movie, text, and drama version of "Tarzan" although we won't go into a lot of detail because of time constraints.  We will focus more on the comparing and contrasting these versions in our future lessons in this unit.