Revise and Revisit:Butterflies

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SWBAT add details, definitions, a topic sentence, or a closure to an informational paragraph.

Big Idea

Take a previously created paragraph and edit it to make it better. Amaze people at the quality of first graders' writing!


10 minutes

Common Core Connection

W.1.5 asks the students to revise their work based on questions and suggestions from their peers.  This can be a higher order thinking activity for the students as they evaluate and question their peers work. It is also challenging for the writer as they incorporate their peers suggestions.

Lesson Overview

I chose a paragraph we created in a lesson on butterflies to revise as a class.  Then the students take the paragraph they created in that lesson and read it to their partner.  The partner provides questions and suggestions to help the person improve their work.

I have a video in the resource section on how I use Peanut Butter Jelly Partner and Transitions.

Introductory Activity 

I project the lesson image on the Smart board to excite the class. Then I ask them to discuss with their partner several things a writer can consider when trying to make their work better (we have done revision work in other lessons, so I am hopeful that the students can name some examples).  They might say add a definition, explain something, or rewrite the topic sentence.  In my previous revisions we have noticed our topic sentence needs to connect more to our information.  So, I listen so I can assess what my students know about revising. 

Then I share the lesson plan and ask the class to chant the lesson goal. "I can edit an informational paragraph."

Guided Practice

20 minutes

Partner Work

20 minutes

The students work (Partner Work Instruction) in groups to actually edit a paragraph that was written by them in a previous lesson. Well, some group members might have been absent, but most of the group was present in designing the paragraph they are revising. So, the students use the chart/ template that is in the resources of the guided practice to analyze the paragraph. Then they make changes and rewrite the old paragraph. Each group has one written paragraph for their final document to present in the student evaluation section.

Now, I have had these students for two years now. I looped with them and they are very familiar with the procedures for editing. We did this last year, except it was with a sentence. So, they know how to look at the first criteria on the chart and then look at that on their paper and analyze it. Then they are familiar with their partners and capable of making changes and evaluating each section. Since this is rather challenging, I do walk around and help students. I ask questions like, "Do the details connect to the topic sentence?" or "Can you define that?"

Student Reflection

5 minutes


5 minutes