Revise and Revisit:Simple Machines

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SWBAT edit and informational paragraph.

Big Idea

Teach students to write exemplary pieces of informational text by showing them how to revise previous work.


10 minutes

Common Core Connection

In this lesson the students need to revise a piece of work based on peer questions and suggest ions. This is more meaningful to students when they edit their own.  This can also engage the class in a higher order thinking activity as they question, evaluate, and provide suggestions to their peers.

Lesson Overview

I selected the paragraph that we created in the guided practice of the Simple Machine lesson on using illustrations to gain information.  In the guided practice the class and I edit our previous paragraph. Then the students question and evaluate each others work, and make revisions to their own work.

Strategies I often use in my class include students working with in heterogeneous partners (we call them Peanut Butter Jelly Partner) and Transition frequently. I have a video on each in the resources in case you want to learn more. 

Introductory Activity

To engage the class I like to project some image related to the lesson on the board, so I project the image of the tools from the lesson image.  Then I ask the class to discuss different things that we can change when revising or editing our work.  While the students are discussing I listen to assess their prior knowledge.

Then I share the lesson plan and goal with the class. We also chant it, "I can revise an informational paragraph."

Guided Practice

20 minutes

Check out my video in the resources on the "Guided Practice Instruction." As you watch the video, keep in mind that, when we are talking aloud, I am making references to the topic sentence, which I tell the class, "tells the reader what the text is going to be about." Then I remind the students in a conversational manner,"The details must be things that connect to our topic sentence about simple machines." The last big thing I am careful to plug in as I am discussing the closure is that is should connect to our topic sentence and details. It kind of sums the paragraph up. "How can we say all that we said in our paragraph in a sentence?" This helps my students.

Student Reflection

5 minutes


5 minutes