Revise and Revisit:Antarctica and Arctic Paragraph

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SWBAT edit and informational paragraph by using peer questions and suggestions.

Big Idea

Help students take a piece of work to the next level by helping them learn to edit. It is amazing how great first graders can write!


10 minutes

Common Core Connection

The focus of this lesson is to teach students to revise their work based on questions and suggestions from their peers. Prior to this lesson the students had to create a piece of informational writing based on some research we did about the subject. They needed the sufficient background knowledge from texts about the Arctic and Antarctic in order to be successful in writing and revising their paragraphs. This is one reason the shift in the CCSS towards incorporating a balance of informational texts alongside literature is so great!

Lesson Overview

We take the informational paragraph from our previous lesson's guided practice and revise it. Then the students revise their work after reading it to their peers.  Based on the students' peers' questions and suggestions they make changes to improve their work.

I love collaboration and partner work so I have a neat video on this in the resources. There is also a video on my frequent transition which keep my students engaged.

Introductory Activity

I project the lesson image on the Smart board to get my class thinking about the subject.  Then I ask them to discuss what they might do to improve their writing. I listen to assess their knowledge about revisions.  Based on what they say I adjust my instruction to provide more information or less on things that writers can do to improve their work.

Guided Practice

20 minutes

Student Reflection

5 minutes


5 minutes