Annotated Bibliographies

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SWBAT correctly cite sources using an annotated bibliography format.

Big Idea

Is there a difference between an Annotated Bibliography and a Bibliography that I have done in the past?


10 minutes

In order to prepare for a research project, I had students bring in articles about their topic.  We are using those articles to practice writing an Annotated Bibliography. 

I began by  reviewing the requirements of an Annotated Bibliography using the Annotated Bibliography Power Point and noting the difference between bibliographies previously written and the details that qualify an annotated bibliography.

 It was a quick review of what is required and incorporating a sample from an article, "Dealing With Bullying" which  the students previously read.

Individual Practice

30 minutes

Using the articles brought in as homework, students created an Annotated Bibliography.  They are setting these aside so they have it prepared when the groups work on their research project.  Groups will be able to evaluate the resource and whether it will work with their research.