Evaluating Internet Sites

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SWBAT evaluate the validity of internet sites for research.

Big Idea

If it’s on the internet – isn’t it true?


10 minutes

Students responded in their journal to the following prompt:

Prompt:  How can you tell what sites on the internet are valid for your research?

 After students wrote a response to this prompt, we discussed their ideas as a whole class. 

I was surprised at many of the responses, if the site is #1 -5 it is a valid site; if it agrees with what I already know, it is valid.  Although the students are tech savy, I was very surprised to hear these responses.  After hearing these responses, I realized I needed to take time to correct their errors.  We spent awhile talking about the next section - Domain Suffixes.

Domain Suffixes

20 minutes

I provided a reference sheet about domain suffixes and their meanings which students glued in their notebooks for future reference.  We discussed what the various suffixes meant and who sponsored the various sites.

I brought up several sites using the various domain suffixes so students could view the differences in the sites.  We discussed how each site presented the same topic using different approaches.   We also noted that these sites were found anywhere from the first - tenth page - that did not influence the validity - we needed to look at the domain suffix to verify how relevant the information would be to our research.  We used the topic of bullying because we discussed this issue in class recently.


.edu http://www.clemson.edu/olweus/ Information from a university based upon research

.org   http://www.apa.org/topics/bullying/  Information provided by a not-for-profit organization; not out to make money but to give viewers helpful information

.gov  http://www.stopbullying.gov/what-is-bullying/     a government site that provides facts about bullying

.net  http://ccsd.net/students/bully/  a site by a school district (like our own school district .net) provides steps and forms used report bullying in the district.

.com   http://shop.thebullyproject.com/   sale of bullying product

http://www.bostonglobe.com/lifestyle/2014/07/29/dealing-with-workplace-bullies/nWqpS2i9RTE7DyHSgmT   a newspaper article used to influence the sale of newspapers







20 minutes

Next we discussed criteria that should be taken into consideration using the Criteria for Evaluating Internet Website Power Point.

 I displayed two sites to evaluate using two of the previous sites that students had just viewed for Domain Suffixes.  We did one together using the criteria to evaluate, then they evaluated the second in their groups.




5 minutes

Soon the students will be completing a research project.  Tonight’s homework is to locate two articles on a topic that they might research and bring them in tomorrow. Students need to evaluate the articles based upon today’s discussion.   Tomorrow we will use these articles to practice writing annotated bibliographies.