Paul's Inner-Self

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SWBAT analyze how elements of the novel impact Paul’s self-esteem.

Big Idea

What are the emotions one feels when cut off from family and friends?

Group Brainstorming

15 minutes

Prior to this lesson, students read the section, “Saturday, September 9," in Tangerine by Edward Bloor.  (The novel is written as a journal).

Prompt: In a Double Entry Journal, explain the emotions that Paul experiences on Saturday, September 9.  Why would he feel this way after moving to a new neighborhood and making new friends?  How does this contribute to Paul’s self-esteem?

As Paul left the house on September 9, he was looking forward to an enjoyable day with his new friend. In small groups, students brainstormed a list of emotions and evaluated actions that triggered a wide range of  emotions that impacted Paul.  Student validated these interpretations with textual evidence for each example.  We shared these ideas as a whole class.

Next, I asked students to think about the closeness of Paul's family.  They decided it is a traditional family with a mother, father, and two brothers.  However, the brothers do not get along at all.   As a class, we then considered whether Paul would have the same reactions if he came from a close-knit family, had a life-long friend living nearby, or addressed interstate moves that his family made.  Some related it to their own experiences - numerous students live in Gilbert district that have relocated from other states.

Double Entry Journal

30 minutes

Independently, students responded to the prompt using a Double Entry Journal  format.  In their responses, I reminded them to consciously insert textual evidence to support their inferences about Paul's emotions and offer an explanation for this inference.   They also needed to consider the setting of the various events and how the setting influenced Paul's positive or negative self-esteem.


5 minutes

In their small group, students shared their connection of Paul's experiences to a personal experience or one they have read.