Blogging Re: The Rhetorical Analysis, a Reflection

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SWBAT post a short self-refection regarding their recently completed Rhetorical Analysis.

Big Idea

... blogging is a ubiquitous form of academic, professional, and personal expression ...

Context and Introduction

8 minutes

For this lesson (which is essentially just a period of "guided practice" as students write), I ask students to review their impressions and understandings (if any) regarding their, now newly finished, Rhetorical Analysis.  I'm curious to know their feelings about this difficult (at least I find it so) skill.

I ask students to revisit the book reviews they have saved from the very first blog post.  After a bit of re-skimming, I ask them to respond to a prompt (see the following section) ...

Guided Practice: Blogging Time!

38 minutes

Here's the "prompt" for the Rhetorical Analysis reflection blog entry:

Now that you have completed the RA, reflect on this form of writing.  What was different about this assignment from other writing assignments in the past?  Do you think that this is a useful skill (RA that is)?  Why or why not? What was the most difficult aspect to this assignment?  Did the peer-critiquing you received assist you?  How?  or Why not?

As students work on this "prompt" -- posting to their blogs -- I walk around the lab and offer whatever help I can.