Connection Time: Drafting Our Essay About Ruby's Variations

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SWBAT compose a rough draft of a 5 paragraph essay.

Big Idea

Being able to put thoughts about a subject into a cohesive piece of writing is a necessary life skill.

Do I Just Copy These Cards? Modeling the Rough Draft

10 minutes

When students enter the room today, they find their materials from Day 1 on their desks.  All students have finished their cards and some students have begun their rough drafts.  Today, all students will be working on composing their rough drafts.

Before I let them begin their writing, we review the rubric.  It is essential to revisit how the students will be graded so they know what is expected of them each day before they begin. After the rubric review, it is time to get started.

Under the ELMO, I begin modeling how to write the introductory paragraph and the first body paragraph.  The students are required to write an introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs and a concluding paragraph.  I am not modeling the concluding paragraph yet and I only show one body paragraph because all the body paragraphs have the same form so showing one is enough for students to get the idea.  


Working on Writing

45 minutes

After the modeling session, I give students their goal- to finish their rough draft- and let them work.  I spend my time sitting with groups of students answering questions and prompting students to get them thinking about their writing.  

A note here:  One thing I find helpful during the writing process is to break it up by allowing students to share awesome sentences or paragraphs.  As I'm circulating, I'm keeping an eye out for content to share.  When I find it, I stop the class and let the student read.  I find that, like I said, it breaks up the quiet writing time giving students a break and it helps share ideas for students who may be stuck.  It also presents an exemplar of sorts for others who may be unclear.

Gathering Back Together

10 minutes

After the independent work time, I gather students back together for a sharing/ question and answer session.  I like this time because it allows us to wrap up, clarify any issues and spotlight great student work.  

When everyone has had their say, I collect materials and remind students that the next day will be our revising and editing session.