Native American Tribes - What is Cause and Effect?

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SWBAT to identify and define cause and effect.

Big Idea

In this lesson, we will introduce the students to cause and effect. Students will create a poster to show their understanding of cause and effect.


What is Cause and Effect

15 minutes

To introduce the students to cause and effect, I will start the lesson out with a brief explanation as to what cause and effect is.  I will explain that a cause is a reason… Why something happened.  An effect is a result… What happened. We will discuss a few examples of cause and effect and then as a class we will read "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" by Laura Numeroff.  We will pay attention to cause-and-effect as we read this picture book.  I will have the students take notes and record the examples of cause and effect they hear in the book.

Numeroff, L. J. (2010). If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. New York, NY : HarperCollins

Cause and Effect Game

20 minutes

Now I will give the students a chance to practice cause-and-effect. We will play a cause-and-effect game. I have included the master for this game in the resources. I have cut out and laminated the cards. The kids will play this game in groups. This is a cause-and-effect match game. The students shuffle the cards and turn them face down so that all the cards can be seen. The students then take turns turning the cards over trying to find a matching cause and effect. When they find a match, they try to identify which is the cause and which is the effect by placing them under the cause and effect title cards.  They continue playing the game until all matches have been found. The team or group that correctly identifies all cause and effect cards, wins.

Cause and Effect Poster Creation

20 minutes

In this section of the lesson, I will have the students show what they know about cause and effect by creating a poster. On their posters, "cause and effect" should be shown in the bold letters. 

Additionally, will have them create a picture depicting something that represents cause and effect. We brainstorm as a class some ideas on what we could draw to represent cause and effect.

If there is time, I will let the students share their posters with the rest of the class.

This activity serves as an informal assessment to quickly show me whether or not the students have a good grasp of the concept of cause and effect.