"Monsters" First Read

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Students will be able to analyze a story's plot and word choice by completing a first read, asking questions, and identifying vocabulary words.

Big Idea

Putting a toe into the world of "Monsters" with questions, comments, and vocabulary.

Daily Grammar

15 minutes

 Today is Friday, which means that it's test day.  Students demonstrate their capability to use correct grammar and conventions with all the things we've covered this week as well as previous weeks.

"Monsters" First Read

30 minutes

Today students finished their first read of "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street." My Honors students read this this by themselves.  I divided my other classes up into two groups.  One group would complete the first read out loud and the other group would read it by themselves. to help me determine which students would be placed in each group, I considered what the productive struggle would be for each student.

While students were reading, I asked them to do three things.  The first thing was to make a list of two or three characters that they might like to read when we read the play aloud. I used that information to create cast list, which I talk about in this video.

The second thing I asked them to do was write down questions or comments they had as they read.To help students with this, I asked students to mark parts that made them question or comment with their highlighter tape.  They could slap a piece of tape down on the text and then come back to it later. I also asked students to look for the answers to their questions as they continued reading.

The last thing I asked them to watch for was vocabulary that they either didn't understand or phrases or clauses that sounded awesome and were examples of excellent writing. 

All three things are included on this handout.  I copied it front and back to make the most of every square inch of paper.

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