So Much Depends Upon...

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SWBAT write an inspired poem using "So Much Depends Upon A Red Wheelbarrow" as a guide.

Big Idea

So much depends upon the little things. Now is your time to express what those little things mean to you.


10 minutes

William Carlos Williams poem, "The Red Wheelbarrow" holds so much meaning for the two books we've read in this unit. It only seems fitting to wrap up the unit with a creative writing opportunity that includes this poem.

Today you will be creating their own sixteen-word poems, and then you will be taking your favorite of the four and turning it into the inspiration for a longer poem.

I got the idea from the writing fix site which also has some examples for the kids. I want to show the kids some of these examples so that they know my expectations for the longer poems. 

Before we begin writing, let's look create a few examples of So Much Depends Upon... poems and then look at the longer inspired poems. This morning my cat did something naughty and it made me late for work. Avery freaked out so it totally set off our morning. Here is my So Much Depends Upon poem. So much depends upon a wet washcloth, soaked with cat pee, sitting in the shower. 

Of course 5th graders will find this hysterical and the boys will love it, so I'm hoping something like that will get them geared up to write. I'll let them give a few examples and then show them the inspired examples from 5th graders and 6th graders.

Independent Writing

45 minutes

Students can start out using the graphic organizers to write 4 So Much Depends Upon... poems. I'll move around to work with students and keep them on task. Once I take a look at their work, I'll let them move on to expanding one of their four poems to create a longer inspired poem. The students will have 45 minutes of uninterrupted writing time, so they should be able to complete this task. We've talked about this poem in great detail throughout the unit, so they are definitely familiar with the structure and concept. 

Author's Spotlight

10 minutes

Before wrapping up today, students will get to share their 16 word poems. I want students to have some time to revise and type their longer inspired poems, so we may not have time for sharing those today. We have poetry readings coming up soon in our school for Poetry month, so we'll be making sure these are ready for display and the reading.