Finding the Click, Part 2: Independent Work Day

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SWBAT find the shift from exposition to rising action in their independent overcoming obstacles texts.

Big Idea

Can you find the shift? Students search for the shift from exposition to rising action on their own.

Noticing Exposition & Finding the Click in your Overcoming Obstacle Book

35 minutes

This lesson links directly to the previous day's lesson. It is the independent practice piece of the lesson.

During independent work time today, kids should now have secured a copy of their independent novel. here is a copy of the Recommended Book List for Overcoming Obstacles Unit.

Now they'll begin reading their novels independently and searching for signs of the exposition and rising action. Here is their task: Independent Work: Finding Exposition & the "Switch" Moment.

They can use their group work from the day prior, when students found examples of direct quotes that showed the switch from the exposition to the rising action.

Read Aloud: So B. It

15 minutes

Here I continue to read aloud from novel "So B. It" By: Sarah Weeks. The nice thing about a read about reading aloud an entire book is that it doesn't have to be so calculated. I can read aloud a part of a story that I won't neccessarily even reference until a few days later, and that's okay.

Update Shelfari Shelf & Answer Discussion Questions

15 minutes

Whenever I begin a new unit, I give kids time at the beginning and end of the unit to update their Shelfari shelf. To learn more about how to set up Shelfari, click here.

I use it as a way for kids to track what they are reading. We do a large tally at the end of the year of the total number of books kids have read during their time in sixth grade. At times, I'll also give assignments that students have to turn in, using Shelfari, so all in all, its a very useful tool. You can write reviews for books right on the site.

You can create groups, which I create and then have all of my students for a given block join. Then, inside the group, you can post discussion questions. I like project students' answers to discussion questions on the Promethean Board. Answering these questions on Shelfari gives kids further practice with concepts we're discussing in class.


Here is the question I posted for today's lesson on Shelfari:


Guys, please write your direct quote that SIGNIFIES rising action (end of exposition) in this discussion.
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Shelfari is a site I use over Edmodo. I've never had very much luck with Edmodo, although some people swear by the site.