Stop and Reverse It: A Lesson on Antonyms

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SWBAT create and determine antonyms in and out of sentences.

Big Idea

Antonyms are a fun way to help students learn new vocabulary. This lesson reviews antonyms and introduces students to their usefulness when reading new words.

Introduction to Antonyms

2 minutes

The focus of this lesson is to model for students how antonyms can be used to understand new vocabulary. I start by asking students to get out their white boards. As they do this, I write the word Antonym onto the board. 

I ask the class to think and talk to their elbow partner about homophones and homonyms. This is tricky, so I had to call on a student that knew what they were to explain to the class. I then had them address their elbow partner again and try to come up with some homophones together. I then asked them to talk to their partner about synonyms. This was much easier and the majority of the class remembered, and could come up with some great examples. 

When they have discussed these, I then ask them to think about what an Antonym might be. The activity has them already thinking and many hands go up. Coming to the conclusion that this would mean opposites was not hard at this point. I confirm and compliment them on their deductive reasoning. 

Antonym Pyramid

10 minutes

To practice using Antonyms we are going to play a game. They will work with their same partner to play. I explain that this game is similar to one that they used to have on television awhile back. One student will face the white board and the other will face the back wall of the classroom. I will write a interesting word on the board. The student facing the board will only use antonyms as clues to give to their partner. The partner has to use the clues to guess the word. 

This is a very fun and exciting way for students to practice their vocabulary. I give each partner group five words to practice and play the game with. As soon as put a word on the board, I walk around and listen to the pairs. I focus on the clues and offer guidance when needed. 

Create A List

5 minutes

The game is a success and now they will put their white boards to work. I have the class draw a line down the middle. On each side they need to come up with five antonym pairs. This is how I will assess their knowledge of antonyms. Before they begin, I ask them if hot and cold is too easy for this task? I challenge them to come up with interesting or juicy words. When they have come up with five pairs, I ask them to show me their white boards. I want to clear any misconceptions and help challenge students with their vocabulary.