Formative Assessment Review: Sequences and Series

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SWBAT use arithmetic and geometric sequences and series to solve a variety of problems.

Big Idea

Students will review the topics from the first half of the unit.

Quiz Review

35 minutes

We have been working for the past nine days to make sense of sequences and series and to build on the conceptual understanding that students already have for this topic. The focus has truly been on contexts that make sense for arithmetic and geometric sequences (the skyscraper problem, the fractal tree, mortgages, and investments, etc.), so it is nice to take a day to review all of these concepts in preparation for tomorrow’s quiz.

In my opinion, these days are vital for students to gain mastery of concepts. When I am introducing new concepts and students are investigating in class, there is not always time to refine these concepts. When I give an assignment like this and give students extended time to work on it in class, I hear great conversations and students really put all of the pieces together. It is tempting to just give this as a homework assignment and have students work on it at home, but it is worth the time investment for students to work on it with their classmates.

I give students the hour to work on this quiz review and if needed, I will address the whole class at the end of the hour. Before beginning the worksheet, we will review the different tools we have learned for finding the sum of a series. We will talk about the different formulas and using sigma notation on our graphing calculator. When students are faced with a problem they don't know, they can refer back to this list and choose the appropriate tool.



15 minutes

At the end of the hour I will go over any topics that seem to cause problems to a lot of students. In the video below I discuss some of the questions that were problematic for my students.

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