The Arrays Olympics

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SWBAT build arrays using verbal and written directions. SWBAT write equations for arrays.

Big Idea

Students take everything they have learned about arrays and use it to compete in the arrays Olympics!! This review lesson allows time for arrays re-teaching and practice.

Introduction to New Material

10 minutes

I am going to put a problem of the day on the board.  I want you to work on your white board to solve the problem.

Problem of the Day:

At lunch, the cafeteria workers keep the bowls of gumbo in four rows. Each row has 3 bowls of gumbo in it.  Draw the array.

When you are finished drawing the array write two number sentences to represent the array. 

After students have finished solving the problem, I ask a student to come to the board and draw their array.   Make sure that they are explaining WHY each number sentence is correct. 

If time permits, I give another problem for students to work on and have a different student come to the board and share. 

The Arrays Olympics (Guided/Independent Practice)

30 minutes

Now that we have practiced as a group, we are going to play the arrays Olympics!  Here are the following events in the Arrays Olympics.  (I model each station or have students model each station so students know what to do).

Event 1: Students build arrays using counters and then draw the arrays into their arrays Olympics packet. 

Event 2: Students cut arrays and number sentences, match them, and paste them on page 2 of their Arrays Olympics packet. 

Event 3: Students draw arrays using information in their arrays Olympics packet. 

Event 4: Students write number sentences for arrays in the arrays Olympics packet.  

During the Arrays Olympics, I meet with small groups of students who are struggling in order to remediate specific skills (read the attached reflection to learn more). 

I organized this activity as stations.  Depending on class size, this activity can be done as sustained independent desk work while you work with small groups.



Exit Ticket

10 minutes

Now that we've played the arrays Olympics, it is time to show me what you know on your exit ticket!

If students finish in time, go over the exit ticket with the class.  If not, use the exit ticket data to help inform any re-teaching that needs to happen tomorrow.