My Arrays Poster

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SWBAT create more than one equation for an array

Big Idea

Students make a poster with their own arrays and write at least two equations for each array!


5 minutes

I am going to put an array on the board.  I want you to write down as many equations as you can for this array. 

I give students 2-3 minutes to write down their equations.  I want students to find two repeated addition number sentences (4 + 4 + 4 + 4+ 4+ 4 +4 = 28 AND 7 + 7 + 7 +7 = 28). If students have been working in the extension group during independent practice in this unit, they should be able to identify at least one multiplication number sentence as well (4 X 7 =28 OR 7 X 4 =28) At this point, students should not be subitizing the numbers and creating number sentences that do not have equal addends (i.e: 8 + 8 + 4 + 4 + 4 =28) 

As students work, I circulate to check for understanding and see what number sentences students are choosing. 

Guided Practice

5 minutes

After students have finished writing down the equations I ask them to turn and talk:  What number sentences did you write down and why?

I push students to answer the WHY part of the question using correct vocabulary. (i.e: Students should say, I know that 7+7+7+7 is correct because there are four rows of 7 dots).  If students are struggling to explain using mathematical language give them some sentence starters like "I see_______rows so I know..."  or "I see ____columns so I know..." and have them practice explaining again to a partner.    

Independent Practice

15 minutes

Now that we have practiced as a group, you are going to practice on your own.  You are going to make an arrays poster! 

This activity is tiered based on student ability level:

Group A:  In need of intervention

This group will cut out pictures of arrays from the attached sheets and will paste them to their poster.  Then they will write ONE number sentence underneath each array.  During independent practice, I will pay special attention to students in group A , modeling how to set up the poster and how to pick an appropriate number sentence for the array in each picture.   

Group B: Right on track

This group will cut out pictures of arrays from the attached sheets and will paste them to their poster.  Then they will write TWO number sentences underneath each array.

Group C: Extension

This group will get a blank piece of paper in which they will draw their own arrays and write  TWO or THREE number sentences for each array (including multiplication). 


Assessment/Weekly Quiz

15 minutes

After students finish their posters,  I will have two or three share their work with the class.  Then we will transition to the assessment or weekly Friday quiz . This assessment measures student understanding of arrays and includes fluency practice as well as one review question. 

Students will take the quiz silently as I circulate.