Finding Similes and Metaphors

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SWBAT define and identify similes and metaphors.

Big Idea

This lesson is as quick as a blink.


10 minutes

We have spent time discussing, finding, and writing similes at various times during the year, but I want to make a point of reviewing the definition and looking at some examples before we begin poetry.  

I'll have my students add "simile" and "metaphor" to the next flap of their flip books and record the SIMILE AND METAPHOR definitions.  We will look at the first stanza of the famous Robert Burns poem, "A Red, Red Rose, " find some the similes.  

Next, we'll watch a video of a song that contains many similes," Everything at Once," by Lenka. This song typically sticks with the students, and they ask me to play it often!  


10 minutes

I will also have my students write the definition for a METAPHOR in their flip books.  I'll share with them several common metaphors, and have them write an example.

After browsing the internet, I have found a great teacher created video that points out metaphors in popular songs.  I'll show my students the video, and we'll discuss them and their meanings.  

Exit Ticket

10 minutes

I used this awesome website called as an exit ticket for this lesson.  I asked students to think of a song that had an example of a simile or metaphor in it and post it on SOCRATIVE.  This site is super easy to set up, and the students just need to type in a code you are given in order to post.  They can post from phones, other devices, or classroom computers.  I had about half of my students post an example.  It is fun to go through them with the students, and discuss them together.  I feel that students can really demonstrate understanding of the concept when they can find their own examples.