Self-Revising Helps Students Succeed

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SWBAT self-revise for specific criteria to prepare for peer revision by checking essays against a requirement list.

Big Idea

Know your own work first--self-revise to help yourself and others.

Do Now: Do You Have...?

5 minutes

I begin the class by posting a check-list on the board. I ask students to verify that they have all our focus elements in their literary analysis essays:

  • introduction
  • conclusion
  • appropriate tone
  • transitions
  • dash
  • headings
  • media

While I take attendance, students haul out their essays and compare their work to the list, identifying missing elements or elements needing improvement.

Self-Revising the Literary Analysis Essay

40 minutes

With a list of elements missing or needing improvement, I take my class to the computer lab to revise their work. While I don't normally take this step until after peer revision, I have a special purpose today: