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SWBAT use an iPad app to create a presentation that relates to the Native American tribe they have been compiling research on.

Big Idea

With some app experimentation and guided practice over, students are now ready to use the app to create their presentation. This will take some time for them to finish, but in the end will have created a factual masterpiece.

Walkthrough Review

5 minutes

With a good base for how to use the app Haiku Deck, previously taught, it is time to use it. I remind students of the iPad rules and then ask them what they remember from our app walkthrough. Some students start by telling me about what they added to their slides, so I have to stop them and prompt further. I ask them about the process not what they created. 

I call on students who want to share. As they share, I model with my iPad if possible. Mainly I want to point out the icons that help us while creating. I explain that since they have only practiced a little I want to make sure they understand what they can do before starting. Students are fairly confident they are ready. To be sure I quiz the class. I point to an icon and ask them to explain how I would use it and the reason I would want to. They were right they were ready. 

Title Slide: Guided Practice

2 minutes

To start I am going to guide them as they create the first two slides. The first slide is their title slide. I start by adding my title to the title line and in the text box my name. I then model how they can change where the title slide words show up on the slide.

When ask them to watch or focus on me it can be tricky. I recommend that you have a signal or phrase to get their attention. It is often hard to pull their focus from their work at this point. The college here in town is the Lumberjacks, for my signal I say "Lumber" and the class answers with "Jacks." I do this three times, by the third time they should have all eyes on me. 

Once I say this and have their attention, I model how to find a picture again. Once I choose one my title slide is complete. I guide them through choosing the plus sign to add a slide. Once they go to this new slide, I ask them to change the slide to show bullets and not be a title slide. I guide them through adding the title. This is where I want them to focus the most. I need them to understand how I take my notes and use them to create details and facts that go with that title. I make sure to remind them I am not copying from a book or the internet the words are my own. I add two facts to model and then ask them to give it a try. I walk around a troubleshoot or guide at this time. 

The Order of Things: Student Creation

45 minutes

Now that they understand how to add the details to their slide it is time to turn them loose. Before I do that I want to make sure that they have a good idea of what I am looking for in their presentation. I ask again for their attention and this time ask them to slide their iPads to their safe spot (this is the corner of their desk and a place where they do not touch it). 

I go to the white board and write down the slides I need their presentation to have. Their research was on an Arizona Native American tribe. The slides I want them to include and have facts for are: where they live, houses, farming, technology, food, crafts, and and interesting facts. I ask them if they have questions on what they need. If they get to a slide and do not have notes on it, they need to research it on the internet and find some. I answer any other questions and then let them get to creating.