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SWBAT create and problem solve how to use a new app on their iPad to create a presentation about themselves.

Big Idea

To work on presenting key details and demonstrating uderstanding, students need to learn various ways to present what they have learned. This lesson uses an iPad app to create a slideshow.

App Walkthrough

15 minutes

To begin this lesson it was important for students to understand how we would be using the new app for our research project. I started by going over the iPad rules briefly. I focus their attention to one rule in particular. I reminded them that in order for them to learn all they needed to know about the app they had to really focus and listen when I talked. They would need to be able to take their fingers off their iPad, watch and listen to the next steps. 



All About Me: Guided Practice

25 minutes

The app we are using is called Haiku Deck. It makes presentations that are very similar to a Power Point. Students will create a title slide, then supporting detail slides that. Each slide is like those found in a PowerPoint. This lesson could easily be done to help students create a PowerPoint presentation.

To start we are just going to practice creating a title slide, a slide with details, and then a slide with a chart. The first slide we are going put our name on it, I show them how to tap on the title piece to add it. They will need to add pictures to their presentation so next I show them the icon that will allow then to search and find one. 

I then move to the detail slides. I have them change the slide so that they can add bullets. To practice I have them add a sentence about what they like to do and I ask them to add a picture the way I just modeled for them. 

Adding Pages

15 minutes

If you have time the last feature that is useful for students is learning how to add a chart. I model how to add one and explain why I might want to use one in a presentation. If there is time, I allow them to add another page and practice adding pictures, text, and charts if they want to. It is a free time to explore the app further. 

When they have practiced adding this one I then ask them to hit the "play" triangle in the upper right corner. It now plays the three slides they created full screen.