Prewriting: Using the Seven-Step Analysis

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SWBAT analyze how figurative language, sound, and structure contribute to a poem's overall meaning using a seven-step process.

Big Idea

The Seven-Step Analysis helps us prepare for an analysis essay.

Word Roots Warm-Up

10 minutes

During today's word roots warm-up, students will practice using Greek & Latin roots to figure out the meaning of unknown or unfamiliar words.  I make sure to remind students to write the entire definition of the word in their notes.  Since the purpose of the notes is to create a study guide, I tell them that having a list of words and letters (instead of definitions) won't help them in the studying process!


15 minutes

To begin today's lesson, I hand out a copy of the Seven-Step Analysis that I completed for "Thumbprint."  I want them to compare what they did to the analysis that I completed.  I ask them to look at the theme that they wrote and ask themselves, " Is it a lesson for life, a fortune cookie statement?"  I remind them that if their theme mentions anything about thumbprints, it is not correct.

I ask them to do a 3-2-1 quick write.  I want them to write three things we did similarly on our analyses, 2 things that were different, and 1 question they still have about the poem.

I then collect the Seven-Step Analysis papers and their quick writes.  


Getting Down to Business

25 minutes

Once we have used my model of the Seven-Step Analysis, I pass out a fresh analysis sheet that students will be using to analyze the poem that they will be writing their essay about.  I also remind them that they will more than likely find their figurative language and sound & structure notes valuable today.

I then set up a "poetry buffet" in the room.  I invite students to come up, pick up a copy of each poem, and return to their seat to read them.  I ask them to select the one they'd like to analyze and return the other two.  

I then have students spend the rest of the class period working on the Seven-Step Analysis for their self-selected poem.

Did They Get It?

5 minutes

At the end of class today, I take one more moment to ask students if they have any questions about the analysis process.  They will be taking the assignment home to finish independently, so that we may begin our drafting tomorrow in class.